Typical Work Flow Relating to Bat Surveys

Ciaran PowerProtected Species Surveys

Due to the decline in bat populations in the UK over the last century and the level of protection now afforded to bats, many planning applications must be supported by a bat survey. At Ascerta, we understand the importance of development schedules and strive to ensure that our clients do not suffer unnecessary delays as a result of any ecological issues.

We offer preliminary bat roost assessments, which evaluate the suitability of a building or tree to support a bat roost. In some instances this assessment will confirm that a particular building or tree has no potential to support a bat roost and as a result will allow a development to progress without the need for further survey work. We also offer bat activity, emergence, or re-entry surveys and aim to survey and issue a report at the quickest possible rate. If mitigation is required then we will work with our clients to produce and implement the required mitigation; throughout this process we will always be available to offer any additional advice or assistance.

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Visit: www.landscapetreesecology.com/ecology/protected-species-surveys/bat-surveys to learn more