Landscape Design & Landscape Architecture

We provide a full range of landscape design and landscape architecture services that can be tailored to our clients’ needs and objectives.

Our landscape architects are Chartered Members of the Landscape Institute and have many years experience of a wide variety of projects from private residential schemes and public realm projects to large scale infrastructure and windfarm projects.


Landscape Planting Plans

To get the best result from a project requires an in-depth understanding of the client’s objectives and of course the budget, which is what our landscape architects consider to be the cornerstone of every project.

An attention to detail and passion for good, sustainable design, comes as second nature to our landscape architects.

Planting Plans

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments are often a requirement for developments that might be considered to have an impact on the landscape and are two of the issues addressed as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Following a set of established guidlines as set out by the Landscape Institute and the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, the LVIA follows a structured process to determine the level of visual impact of a project from key visual receptors. A baseline study includes the identification of those landscape elements and characteristics that are valued and the people by whom they are valued.

Visual Impact Assessments