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Biodiversity Net Gain is now at the forefront of many development projects given the emerging legislation under the Environment Act 2021. Its purpose is to ensure that the habitat is in a better state post-development than it was in pre-development. It can be a complex subject, most successfully achieved when drawing on input from ecologists, arboriculturists, landscape professionals and of course the client and design teams.

biodiversity net gain

Biodiversity refers to the variety of plant and animal life in the world or within a specific habitat, which is considered important and desirable. Over the past 50 years, there has been a decline in biodiversity despite efforts to prevent habitat and species loss, therefore addressing this decline should come as no surprise.

Previous policies focusing on 'no net loss' of biodiversity have been deemed ineffective. As a result, the Environment Act 2021 mandates a policy requiring a 10% net gain in biodiversity from certain developments.

This shift has put increasing pressure on developers to create sites that contribute positively to biodiversity net gain. This will have significant planning and cost implications across the development community and a shift in mindset among many.

Assessing the biodiversity value of a site involves conducting a detailed survey to identify the existing flora and fauna within the area. This survey must delve deeper than traditional 'Phase One' surveys, providing a more comprehensive understanding.

Determining whether a proposed development results in a loss, is neutral, or achieves net gain in biodiversity requires a complex calculation using a pre-approved matrix. This calculation is typically performed by experienced and appropriately trained ecologists, considering the specific site and proposed development.

It is important to recognise that evaluating and implementing biodiversity net gain cannot be done hastily or without a thorough understanding of the site and its development plans.

As a developer, it is crucial to ensure that your projects yield a suitable return on investment. You need to therefore understand the expected outcomes in terms of biodiversity net gain.

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