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Ancient Woodlands & Veteran Trees

The definition of an ancient woodland is one that has been around since 1600 in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, and 1750 in Scotland. Whether a tree is a veteran or not is a little more subjective but is generally considered something that has matured beyond it’s normal life expectancy, becoming host to features of ecological value.

It’s easy to appreciate the complex communities of plants and organisms that exist within these habitats and the ecological value they add to the landscape. With an increasing focus on biodiversity and ecosystem services it should come as no surprise that these important assets are being pushed up the agenda when it comes to development. This can cause significant conflict when planning layouts that respect the value that ancient woodlands and veteran trees provide.

Identifying ancient woodlands and veteran trees at an early stage is vital in order to minimise potentially abortive time spent during the design process, which is just one of many reasons why your arboriculturists and ecologists should be among the first to assess a site and advise on potential constraints.

Ensuring that you have considered ancient woodlands and veteran trees within your proposals, as well as potential mitigation and enhancement opportunities, is key to a smooth application process and an area in which we have a particular expertise.

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