Pre-Purchase Site Assessments

How valuable would it be to you to have someone on hand to have a quick look at a site before you commit to a purchase or put your design team to the trouble of creating a layout?

We regularly provide preliminary advice to clients and design teams to give them a ‘heads-up’ on what issues or constraints they may face during the design and application process.

Having someone on hand who can quickly assess which trees are likely to constrain the design process, which ecological feature is likely to extend the application process or which view is likely to be considered the most important can save considerable time, money and frustration.

Being secure in the knowledge that the person giving that advice is taking a pragmatic approach based on years of experience with a sound appreciation of legislation, planning policy & construction is invaluable.

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This is an incredibly cost-effective means of avoiding costly pitfalls and minimising delays to your project programme.

We are happy to take instructions on this, assuring complete confidentiality.

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For more information on Pre-Purchase Site Assessments, or to discuss a specific project, contact our office on 0845 463 4404.

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