tree surveys for Subsidence Claims

Clay shrinkage subsidence is a relatively commonplace occurrence in the UK, particularly where the clay element of the soils may be shrinkable. Most soils containing a clay element tend to move naturally in accordance with varying moisture levels, however, differential movements beneath buildings can lead to building damage or ‘subsidence’.

Once a claim for subsidence damage has been raised and Loss Adjusters or Loss Assessors have made an initial assessment as to the likelihood of trees or vegetation causing or contributing to the damage, they will instruct an appropriate company to carry out a subsidence tree survey.

The quality of the initial tree survey is paramount to the swift and effective management of Vegetation-Related claims. Gathering the right information the first time is critical. This allows reports to be presented to the client / insured in a manner that allows them to identify straight away what the issues are and what the best recommendations are.


The statutory framework of legal protection for trees (Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas, Hedgerow Regulations, Felling Licence requirements, planning conditions & local covenants) is a complex area of law that requires expert interpretation in respect of trees and subsidence. You can rest assured that we are well placed to advise clients and homeowners on the implications of the statutory framework and what issues are likely to be faced in the management of claims.

Once a strategy for the management of vegetation is agreed upon, we are more than happy to project manage mitigation programmes, from the management of statutory controls procedures through to the management of contractors and the design of replacement landscapes.

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