Arboricultural Impact Assessments

The current version of the British Standard relating to trees & development, BS5837: 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition & construction – Recommendations, requires that an Arboricultural Impact Assessment be prepared on the basis of the information gathered in the tree survey.

The purpose of the Arboricultural Impact Assessment is to provide a written account of the effects of any tree loss required to implement the design of a development and to list the issues that need to be addressed by an Arboricultural Method Statement.

We have been advocates for the use of Arboricultural Impact Assessments for 20 years now as they can serve so many purposes over and above those stated within the British Standard. For example, they can be a useful tool in providing an assessment of the value of trees within the wider landscape, what the impact of certain statutory controls might be and how mitigation measures might benefit the landscape in the longer term. They can also be very useful for addressing any concerns that a local authority tree officer may have over certain aspects of the development.

We therefore always encourage our clients to instruct us to prepare this written document in support of the development proposals and to accompany the planning application.

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Remember that specific requirements and guidelines for tree management may vary depending on the local planning authority and the nature of the development. Contact Ascerta today to obtain accurate and tailored information based on your specific needs and location.