Project Success Example: Residential Housing Estate in Cheshire

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Recently, we helped a client with a residential housing estate project in Cheshire comprising over a hundred dwellings and public open space. Our multi‚ÄĒdisciplinary team at Ascerta consisting of Ecologists, Arboriculturists, and Landscape Architects produced the following reports and plans as part of the planning stage of the project; an Ecological Impact Assessment, Invasive Species Method Statement, Biodiversity Action Plan, … Read More

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

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Since 2018 our ecology team have regularly been working with our clients providing support and passing on their knowledge regarding Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), this has not only created a greater understanding of net gain but has also strengthened our relationships with our clients.¬† One area that has proven very beneficial has been the delivery of presentations that outline the … Read More

Do you know when the best time of year is to conduct Ecology Surveys for Badgers, Bats, Great Crested Newts?

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Advance planning of ecology issues is critical to prevent delays both in achieving planning consent and to the overall build programme. Legislation protects many species, for example bats, badgers, breeding birds, water voles, great crested newts and otters. If the correct ecological surveys are not undertaken at the correct time, a developer may be exposed to legal action and inordinate … Read More

Project Success Example: Bat Surveys

Ciaran PowerProtected Species Surveys

After working closely with our client and the planning consultant planning permission was granted for 3 residential dwellings on the site of a former vacant pub in Manchester. Our ecology team carried out a daytime inspection of the building for its potential to support bats and then carried out nocturnal bat surveys to determine that no bats were roosting within … Read More

Project Success Example: Large Residential Development

Ciaran PowerEcology

We recently assisted a client with clearing a former golf course for a large residential development which involved felling a number of trees as well as scrub clearance. To ensure no nesting birds were harmed during site clearance, our ecologists conducted thorough checks of trees and scrubs to locate any active nests. When active nests were discovered, trees were taped … Read More

Project Success Example: Extension Proposal

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We recently assisted a client in securing consent for a proposed extension with basement, in the vicinity of a large protected tree. With the client facing the prospect of a flat-out refusal for the proposal, we put forward a method statement for the exploratory hand dig of small trial holes along the line of the proposed foundation. This was undertaken … Read More

Project Success Example: Management Plan for Trees and Woodland

Ciaran PowerTrees

We recently assisted a client in identifying and formulating a management plan for trees and woodland across a number of developer-retained public open spaces, following the successful development of a site in greater Manchester. We were able to identify immediate works and provide advice for a long-term strategy that would prove beneficial for the trees, the local amenity and the … Read More

Project Success Example: Apartment Block Residential Development

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We recently helped a client secure planning approval with no objections for an interesting project in Birmingham for an apartment block residential development. Our multi-disciplinary team produced a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Landscape Layout / Masterplan, and Planting Plan as part of the planning submission. Liaising closely with the project architect and key stakeholders, our landscape team produced … Read More

Sustainable landscapes…….are they?

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So. You go to great trouble, time and expense in securing a piece of land, agreeing your vision for the site, appointing the design team and supporting consultants, liaising with the local planning authority, finalising the design, submitting the application, waiting in breathless anticipation, getting frustrated at the planners, amending the scheme, waiting again in breathless anticipation and eventually securing … Read More