Do you know when the best time of year is to conduct Ecology Surveys for Badgers, Bats, Great Crested Newts?

Ciaran PowerEcology

Advance planning of ecology issues is critical to prevent delays both in achieving planning consent and to the overall build programme. Legislation protects many species, for example bats, badgers, breeding birds, water voles, great crested newts and otters. If the correct ecological surveys are not undertaken at the correct time, a developer may be exposed to legal action and inordinate … Read More

Project Success Example: Bat Surveys

Ciaran PowerProtected Species Surveys

After working closely with our client and the planning consultant planning permission was granted for 3 residential dwellings on the site of a former vacant pub in Manchester. Our ecology team carried out a daytime inspection of the building for its potential to support bats and then carried out nocturnal bat surveys to determine that no bats were roosting within … Read More

Typical Work Flow Relating to Bat Surveys

Ciaran PowerProtected Species Surveys

Due to the decline in bat populations in the UK over the last century and the level of protection now afforded to bats, many planning applications must be supported by a bat survey. At Ascerta, we understand the importance of development schedules and strive to ensure that our clients do not suffer unnecessary delays as a result of any ecological … Read More