106 unit residential scheme


BS5837 Tree Survey, Arboricultural Consultancy, Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Arboricultural Method Statement, Veteran Tree Impact Mitigation


Anwyl Homes                                                   




The presence of trees identified as ‘ancient’ and listed on the Woodland Trust’s Ancient Tree Inventory threatened to derail this application by potentially requiring a significant alteration to the proposed layout. However, by closely examining the site features and carrying out a combination of bespoke site investigations including trial pit excavation and tree root radar surveys, we were able to demonstrate that those specific trees would not be adversely impacted by the development proposals. The production of a detailed Arboricultural Method Statement including specific measures for the physical protection of these off-site features ensured that planning consent was granted and the site could be developed in accordance with a specific set of measures that are straightforward to follow.

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