Development of 45 residential dwellings


Ecologists and Arboricultural Consultants


Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

Production and Implementation of Reasonable avoidance measures for small mammals and amphibians

Ecological supervision to ensure the safety of species that may have been present within the site, including small mammals and amphibians

Badger Surveys and Badger Mitigation Strategy

Bat and bird box plan with the provision of hedgehog gaps

Invasive Species Management Plan


Gleeson Homes


Miller Fold, Accrington


Located on the boundary of existing dwellings and open countryside, this site faced complex challenges due to the presence of several protected species, including badgers. The drainage proposed for the site posed constraints on work, especially in areas adjacent to the site that were frequented by badgers. However, through collaboration with the Lancashire Badger Group, a specialist badger ecologist, the Ascerta arboriculture team, and full engagement from our client and their design team, the development was successfully completed. It now offers much-needed homes for the area while also preserving and enhancing habitats for various species.

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