Comprehensive LVIA and Design To Transform Meliden Road: Merging 99 Houses with Nature-infused Community Spaces


Landscape Architects


Landscape Layout, Planting Plan, Play Area Design Detail, and a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)


Castle Green Homes


Meliden Road, Rhuddlan


We also produced an LVIA to consider the feasibility of the proposed development in terms of landscape and visual effects. The assessment identified and evaluated the potential change in the composition and structure of the existing landscape and the degree of visual change resulting from this development. The LVIA report recommended mitigation and enhancement measures based on the landscape and visual effects assessed, these recommendations were then considered during the design stage. A ‘bare earth’ zone of theoretical visibility was generated using software to help identify the potential intervisibility within the wider setting which helped decide on the size of the initial study area and viewpoint locations before visiting the site to carry out site analysis and viewpoint photography.


Meliden Road in Rhuddlan saw Ascerta's Landscape Architects expertly developed a Local Equipped Play Area (LEAP) and the surrounding public open space. Integrating design with the construction of 99 houses, our services provided well-planned access, parking solutions, and a combination of residential and public planting. Street trees and other green elements were thoughtfully woven in, enhancing the site's aesthetics and fostering a sense of community and nature.

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