Development of 50 residential dwellings on the site of a former research & development facility


We were called upon to provide advice on the impacts of trees in relation to shading of proposed plots and to oversee initial site remediation works to ensure satisfactory protection of retained trees


Bellway Homes




Previously part of an extensive research & development facility, the demolition of buildings and remediation works required in preparation for residential dwellings posed a potential risk to retained trees around the periphery of the site. In addition to this, the local planning authority raised concerns about the impact of shading from trees to plots and useable garden space. Following an assessment of the tree cover adjacent the site boundaries, we were able to demonstrate that the level of shade cast by retained trees would not be excessive, and on the basis that a large proportion of the adjacent woodlands comprised a commercial forestry plantation, many of those trees were approaching a stage whereby they would be harvested, thus removing any potential shade problems for many years to come. Some supervision of excavations and tree works during the early stages of the site work was also carried out to ensure compliance with planning conditions and the Tree Preservation Order in place. The development is now fully complete and is a flagship project for this particular developer.

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