Redesign to an existing golf course




Preliminary Ecological Appraisal. Daytime building inspection for bats. Nocturnal surveys for bats. Bat activity surveys and the deployment of static bat detectors. Biodiversity net gain. Surveys for reptiles. Breeding bird surveys. Dormice surveys. Great Crested Newt eDNA surveys


The Basingstoke Golf Club Ltd


The Basingstoke Golf Club


In this project, adapting to the constraints arising from the site's active use was paramount since the location is a bustling golf course. Numerous stakeholders and club members actively participated in both designing and implementing the proposals to enhance the current facilities. By closely collaborating with the club members and the grounds maintenance team, we executed a series of surveys spanning several months. Our aim was to ensure that the course upgrades wouldn't adversely impact protected species, many of which are particularly significant due to the site's unique location. Additionally, the local council held an instrumental role in the project by providing valuable local insights. This aided our ecology team in conducting surveys and other tasks, ultimately securing a favourable planning application.

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