64 homes with integrated access, parking, and lush plantings, complemented by street trees and pumping station screening


Landscape Architects, Ecologists and Arboriculturist Consultants


Landscape Architecture: Landscape Layout, Planting Plan, Landscape Management Plan.Arboriculture: Tree Survey, Arboriculture Impact Assessment. Ecology: Bird and Bat Box Plan


Castle Green Homes


Brookhouse, Denbigh


At Brookhouse, Ascerta's Landscape Architects, Trees, and Ecology specialists worked in tandem to develop a public open space linked to a pedestrian entrance that seamlessly connected to public transportation links. Our comprehensive approach included a Landscape Layout, Planting Plan, and provisions for bird and bat habitats. This merged perfectly with the construction of 64 houses, providing access, parking options, and an interplay of residential and public planting. Street trees, screening of the pumping station and other green features transformed this site into an inviting, sustainable community environment.

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