Project Success Example: Large Residential Development

Ciaran PowerEcology

We recently assisted a client with clearing a former golf course for a large residential development which involved felling a number of trees as well as scrub clearance.

To ensure no nesting birds were harmed during site clearance, our ecologists conducted thorough checks of trees and scrubs to locate any active nests. When active nests were discovered, trees were taped off and a buffer provided for the appropriate period to allow eggs to hatch and young to fledge.

With a large site to clear, checks needed to be carried out regularly, which involved working closely with the site manager and with tree contractors to develop a clearance plan. Contractors were made aware of the presence of any nests, so they could work efficiently and safely around any nests.

Our friendly Ecology team with many years’ experience in these situations are always happy to provide solutions to new and existing clients.

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