Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)

Ciaran PowerEcology

Since 2018 our ecology team have regularly been working with our clients providing support and passing on their knowledge regarding Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), this has not only created a greater understanding of net gain but has also strengthened our relationships with our clients. 

One area that has proven very beneficial has been the delivery of presentations that outline the stages of biodiversity net gain (BNG). This has helped to develop our clients understanding of what is needed to complete the BNG matrix and how considerations in the early stages of planning can help to achieve a positive outcome for both the planning aspect, whilst also achieving a gain in biodiversity for the site. Early consideration for BNG on site is fundamental in avoiding an unnecessary loss of biodiversity.

Our ecology team regularly visit sites in the very early stages of works to give advice and recommendations on ecological aspects that can then be carried forward into the master plans. If you require any advice on biodiversity net gain, our helpful ecology team is always happy to help.

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